Services of the
Society for the Blind – Free State

Community Work

  • Garden Project
  • Detergents.
  • Beads Project: Bloemfontein
  • Tsimologo ABET School: ThabaNchu

Garden Project: A garden project was established were blind and partially sighted persons growing vegetables in a tunnel as well as an open garden. They attend to the garden twice a week under the guidance of the Community worker. The garden aims to develop the blind and partially sighted person’s skills and also make them financially more independent through the selling of the vegetables.


Low Vision Devices

Call Marianne Kruger for Appointments or any other enquiries regarding Low Vision:

05 I -447 6934/04

Orientation pre-cane skills

Critical for safety, mobility and orientation of blind or visually impaired people.

Poor Relief

Almost 98% of the blind and partially sighted persons that received services from the Society only received a disability grant from the Government. This is their only income and in some circumstances the only income in a large family structure. These persons live under the bread line and are not able to assist in their own basic needs. These people are helped out of the Poor Relief Fund to enable them to maintain themselves and their families.